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The Story of the Grumpy Old Man

Hello, dear bookworms!

In these days I’ve let myself get inspired by Halloween…the result is a little spooky story that I’d like to share with you. Tell me if you like it with a comment!


There once was a man

All alone lived he

Hated all the sounds that didn’t come from his mouth.

So he buried himself inside his house

And blocked everyone who tried to come in.

All the year he spent in sacred silence,

So peaceful it was to him.

Only one night he had to endure

Screams and shouts from the street,

That moment when children came at his door,

Their shrills penetrating his ears: “Trick or treat?”

They arrived disguised,

Little ghosts, skeletons or devils.

With Jack O’Lantern they demanded for sweets.

But the grumpy old man little could do,

When he heard the voices and saw the costumes

He remembered his own devils, ghosts from the past.

There was a time he couldn’t bear them

And started screaming from the depth of his lungs.

The children, amused, began throwing eggs at the grumpy man’s house.

The sound was so terrifying, oh so paralysing,

He took a knife and cut his ears out.

In a jiffy, off they go, they’re gone!

Sure the man hadn’t considered it all,

For he didn’t call for help,

Didn’t disinfect the wounds.

The old man just stayed there,

Till he simply bled to death.

But so stubborn was he

That he just refused to leave.

A ghost, he remained to guard the house

Once terrified, now he’s the one who terrifies,

No ears, but he still hears the sounds

So when it’s Halloween’s time, he’s ready:

He waits for those who stained his house.

Here they come; full of expectations,

Pockets half-full of candies already.

Little fake ghosts, they’re about to be turned into real ones instead,

“Trick or treat?” they shout, they’re at the door,

As soon as it’s opened they don’t make sounds anymore!


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