Memories from 31st October – a different Halloween

Hello, bookworms!

Today I’d like to talk about the way I spent last Halloween. I know, almost a month has passed, but these weeks have been so crazy that now is the first moment when I can sit down and collect my ideas about it. So, here it goes!

This year’s Halloween has been very different from the previous ones. Instead of staying home and gifting candies to children or going to a party, we (my boyfriend and I) decided to go to the mountain with two friends of ours. Of course, we maintained personal distances and wore our masks. We went to a place called Valle delle Sfingi (Sphinx Valley, in English). It is an amazing valley where you can see enormous rocks. It took us almost an hour to get there and the GPS deceived us at a certain point, as it told us to turn left, only to say to turn around straightaway – but it was totally worth it!

The main path that opens in front of you when you arrive in the valley. You can see the rock “sphinxes” in the background

Our hope was to relax, chat a little among friends and take some nice photos – and we did it.

The autumn colours contributed in making the place even more magical.

The Valley offers a lot of opportunities, there are various paths that you can choose. We decided to go way up a hill. I must say I was quite out of breath after that, but when we arrived on top I was rewarded with a breath-taking (forgive the pun) view of the little forest and the valley beneath.

As you may know, when you are on a mountain and the sun sets it is soon dark. We went on our way back, despite that fact that we didn’t want to; anyway, the place gave us another chance for some last shoots before the sun disappeared completely.

The last picture I took that day

I went home with my head full of colours, lights, elves and fairies…who knows, maybe it was the Valley, maybe it was the particular day of the year we chose for going there, but as soon as I got home I felt the urge to put on paper what passed through my mind.

Overall, it was an amazing day spent with amazing people, a day I really needed to wear all the stress off. I will remember it forever. Because of course, as I’m sure each of you knows, you can’t really enjoy your experiences if you don’t experience them with true friends.   

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