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My thoughts on Stephen King’s It

Hello bookworms!

Today I’d like to share my thoughts on what is traditionally believed to be Stephen King’s masterpiece: It. I’ve been meaning to read it forever, and finally I did.

Well, I must say that, whereas I enjoyed the most of it, there were some elements that just weren’t my cup of tea. Ready to discover what they are?

Warning: if you haven’t read the book stop reading right now. This article contains spoilers!


  • the strong beginning: we know from the very start that something bad is going to happen. And Georgie’s death…ah, traumatising!
  • the author’s creativity: it’s out of question that King’s fantasy is immense. Each character is perfectly depicted and when the author first introduces them many pages are dedicated to all of them.
  • the spooky moments: I loved the part where Bill is afraid of going to Georgie’s room because of something that “happened the last time”. We keep wondering until he finally manages to get in there, takes a look at one of his brother’s photos and Georgie, in the picture, smiles back at him. Of course, it’s not Georgie’s spirit, but Pennywise. It gave me the chills. I was in bed when I read it and believe me, I didn’t sleep much that night! Or the part when Beverly, as an adult, goes back to her old house and she meets an old woman. She looks sweet at first, but as we go on reading, we realise there is something wrong. The woman is changing appearance. I believe it’s difficult to express a subtle change in someone’s body on paper. It’s much easier to show it in a film or TV series. He was a master in conveying the message. And he was successful in scaring me!
  •  the concept of the “Losers club”: they are bullied guys who find each other. They are predestined to be together. They don’t know why, but they perceive from the start they are bound by something much bigger than them.
  • the fact they see the real shape of It or, at least the closest version of it humans can understand. At the end, they discover It looks like a sort of giant spider. I really liked the idea that, as It is an alien, ancient creature, the human mind doesn’t possess the right shape to see it. So, the main character’s eyes perceive It in the most similar way to the original shape they can.


  • the ending. Yes, I’m really sorry to say that, but it’s true. Better, it’s not that I didn’t like what happened, but how it happened. Everything was written as a crescendo, it all prepared us to this moment of final confrontation with It and then…I don’t know, the style just seemed to go down. It all seemed tired, to me. I found the part of preparation to the final fight much more exciting than the fight itself.
  • the way Bill’s wife, Audra, wakes up from her coma at the end. I mean, I get this is a novel that talks about aliens and magic, but everything is well-justified and realistic. So no, when I read about Bill simply putting his wife on his bike pedalling until she came back to life I couldn’t accept it. It all happened fast, considering the general speed of the story. I don’t know – after all that, I expected something more.

As you can see, the positive elements are way more than the negative ones. I can say I enjoyed reading It. Still, the ending and Audra’s wakening disturbed me a little.

Have you ever read It? What do you think about it? Do you agree with me? Tell me everything with a comment!


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