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My thoughts on working and studying at the same time

Hello bookworms!

How are you? I hope you’re all safe and sound.

Today I’d like to talk about something personal: the experience of working and studying at the same time. Have you ever tried it?

Last October I decided to enrol at university again. I’m an English teacher, but I desperately wanted (and still want) to learn something more about linguistics and language acquisition. So I started this new Master’s degree in Linguistics, with the hope of learning new interesting subjects, increasing my personal knowledge and discovering new things to adopt in my job. Well, how exhausting!

Despite the fact that I’m moved by a huge passion – I can never be still, I love learning new things – working full time and taking exams altogether makes me feel so tired, it drains all my energies away. I found out love for what you do isn’t enough: you must respect your needs and also take some time to relax (which may seem like a paradox, but it isn’t). You need to blow off steam.

I have a lot of projects in my mind: go on with my job, take this Master’s degree and become a professional writer. Not bad, right? But what I must repeat to myself is that I can’t hope to obtain everything right away. I need to work on it, without anxiety, taking step by step. But one thing is certain: I won’t give up until that degree is mine!

Do you think studying and working at the same time is possible? Have you ever done it? If you feel like doing so, please share your experience with a comment below!


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