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Something about me

My name is Caterina. I was born and raised in Verona, Italy, where I currently live and work as an English language teacher.

Books have always been my passion: when I was little, I loved sitting at my desk, on the couch, on the floor, and read; actually, I still do. Any place can work, as long as I can immerse myself in the multiple worlds that books give us the possibility to discover. I’ve travelled around the world, explored all the countries, both real and invented. I’ve experienced sadness, joy, fear, anger, excitement: all these feelings increase each time I read a book, making me want to go on and on.

As I grew up, another passion made its way through my thoughts: that of writing. My mind is always filled with different stories and characters, so some years ago I started putting them on paper. Finally, I gathered the courage to publish something: a collection of tales, At the window, that means everything to me.

I’ve decided to create this blog to talk about these two interests of mine: here I will share with you my ideas about the various books I read and what I write.

I really hope you will like what I do; I can’t wait to exchange opinions with all of you!

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