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Come veleno

So che tutto questo è difficile da sopportare Vorrei prendere il tuo dolore e sputarlo fuori, come veleno Come si fa quando la vipera assale. Ma non è la vipera ad averti attaccata, bensì una creatura più bastarda; la morte, che non può essere annullata, davanti a cui non possiamo nulla. Mi farei guscio vuotoContinue reading “Come veleno”

The Story of the Grumpy Old Man

Hello, dear bookworms! In these days I’ve let myself get inspired by Halloween…the result is a little spooky story that I’d like to share with you. Tell me if you like it with a comment! There once was a man All alone lived he Hated all the sounds that didn’t come from his mouth. SoContinue reading “The Story of the Grumpy Old Man”

My little collection of tales: At the window

In August 2020 I gathered the courage to publish a little collection of tales I wrote over the years. As I’m Italian, I originally wrote them in my mother tongue; after that, I thought I’d better try to translate them in English, which I did all by myself. You may think the collection is littleContinue reading “My little collection of tales: At the window”